OUCH! Aches and Pains Body Cream

OUCH! Aches and Pains Body Cream


(30 customer reviews)

Massage onto painful area and let the essential oils work their magic!

Product description

Therapeutic uses
Pain whatever the cause: in particular rheumatism, muscle cramps/spasms, housemaids knee, poor circulation to the joints, lumbar pain,sciatica, painful periods, mastitis and all conditions relating to muscle and joint pain. Useful during childbirth, often speeding delivery and reducing pain. Can also help with headaches/migraines, toothache, earache and fibrositis.

How the oils works
The blend of peppermint and ginger brings relief with a powerful analgesic and anaesthetic action, the camomile and lavender calm the area while the rosemary, juniper and lemongrass stimulate the blood flow to warm the muscles and basil calms the nerves. The powerful spasmodic properties of marjoram and clary sage ensure long lasting relief from pain. Gentle massage will add to the benefits of this amazing blend.

Aches & Pains Body Cream is available in 60ml & 250ml sizes.

Ingredients: Aqua, sunflower oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, PEG- 100, stearate glyceryl stearate, vitamin E, vitamin E acetate, phenoxy ethanol, potassium sorbate, basil, chamomile, clary sage, clove, hyssop, ginger, juniper, lavender, lemongrass, marjoram, myrtle, orange, peppermint, tangerine, rosemary.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant or have low blood pressure or if you have epilepsy

Our products are free from Lanolin and Parabens and are not tested on animals.

Recent Reviews

30 reviews for OUCH! Aches and Pains Body Cream

  1. Blended Therapies

    “Thanks very much for the huge jars of “Ouch Body Cream” now I won’t have to put up with any more aches and pain. It’s amazing how quickly it eases the pain and how long it lasts as well. I’ve used many ointments and creams that are on the market and can truly say this one works best.”

  2. William

    A wonderful email from William who is now hooked on both our bestselling creams…!
    ” I have just finished moving a lorry load of logs, with some help from my wife. Unsurprisingly my back was slightly stiff in places, especially around my Lumbar 1 bone with its wedge fracture. I thought that since you had been so kind as to tell us that we could keep the Ouch cream, I would give it a try on my worst point – the wedge fracture area. What a result!!!! I have suffered from this for the past half century. I do believe I have found a way to reduce the discomfort! So, I am now as addicted to your Ouch cream for back pains as I am to your Ahhh cream for itchy skin.”

  3. Frank J.

    On our last visit to Britain, my wife hurt her ankle. After days of pain, we saw OUCH! in the NT shop in Hinton Ampner and we thought, why not give it a try.
    And it did work fabulously! So back home, we soon ordered the large pot.

  4. Joanne Sutcliffe (verified owner)

    Another buy from Sissinghurst. I was on route to a 10 day city hopping tour in Europe which include a lot of walking. I suffer a lot with psoriasis knee and ankle pain. Ouch saved my holiday and enabled me to carry on each day. Just ordered my second pot, I can’t rate this highly enough. Thank you!

  5. Jean

    A letter from Jean:
    “As you know Ouch is my salvation, please carry on making it!”

  6. Richard

    Email from Richard:
    “Thanks Jackie it would appear the miracle cure against all high medical tablets /cream etc the one that works is OUCH !!”

  7. Maggie

    I first discovered the Ouch cream when a friend gifted me a pot. It has helped my arthritic knees immensely and I will be forever grateful. Just had my second pot and I have to thank the team for sorting my mistake when ordering so quickly . Would highly recommend this product.

  8. Julie

    This was very kindly given to me at a Christmas Fair last year, I was in obvious pain and Jackie took the time to talk with me about it. In conversation I mentioned that it was my 50th Birthday that day.
    Before I could buy a pot of Ouch Jackie very generously gave me a pot as a birthday present.
    I have just got to the end of my second pot and it has made such a difference to my nerve pain.
    I recommend it highly to anyone suffering with arthritis or nerve pain. Not only is Jackie a genius but a really lovely lady to boot.

  9. Megan

    Letter from Megan Hughes:
    “It’s arrival was perfect timing- a few days before my birthday… I just wanted to say thank you again for making this wonderful product and for helping people to feel better. Most people want to make a difference in the world and you certainly do.”

  10. Linda (verified owner)

    I got this product as a gift after surgery for breast cancer. I continued to use throughout chemo and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. Not only did it ease my aches but the spa like smell really relaxed me and helped me sleep.

  11. Amanda

    Thank you Amanda for your review:
    I love OUCH! This cream is cooling and wonderful to apply to my foot and leg. Recently I had a blood clot in my leg and my foot was very swollen. I applied the cream day and night which helped to calm my skin, reduce the swelling and ease the pain. The cream smells amazing too and was especially relaxing to use at night with the lavender scent. Thank you.

  12. bt-admin

    A lovely comment sent in from Antonia H:
    “Thank you so much for the Ouch cream. It arrived this morning and I eagerly applied it straight away.
    Today marks 3 weeks since my surgery and today was the first day that I haven’t needed painkillers. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.
    The cream is like magic and the relief was instantaneous. I will definitely be ordering more and recommending to others.”

  13. Blended Therapies Admin

    From Sarah in Kent:
    My mum is in a care home and has ran out of her Ouch cream, which really helps her painful legs. Thank you :-) x

  14. Jayne Annenberg (verified owner)

    I purchased ouch cream after seeing a review from another cancer patient. I must say after receiving my jar of ouch cream, I started using straight away. In the 4 months since my surgery I haven’t been pain free for a single day until 4 days ago when I started to use my ouch cream. I cannot believe the difference it has made to me.
    I would happily recommend this to anyone. Thank you so much.

  15. Debbie Hallford

    I am not one for usually writing reviews on products but do find them really useful as I always read them from other users. I feel compelled to let other people looking at these products know how I feel certainly about 2 of them and these are the Ouch and Ahh creams. They are now my ‘go to’ products for anything to do with skin or muscle aches and have replaced my obsession with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which was my previous ‘go to cream’. Honestly, for sun burn, for any blemish, muscle ache then rub some of this on the area and you will notice and feel the difference literally overnight, they also smell divine.

    I 100% recommend buying these creams and keeping them as part of your staple first aid cupboards at home, I have bought my daughter small pots to keep to university along with the rollerballs for headaches and calming effects.

    Thoroughly recommended 5*****

  16. Kerry Kelly

    I have used the ouch cream on my finger in which I have severe arthritis. Prior to using the cream I found it very hard to move my finger, after two weeks of using the ouch cream I can now move my finger with ease. My mum had a similar result using the ouch cream on her back which she has had problems with for a long time she has now purchased a large jar as she is so impressed with result. It’s worth every penny!!!

  17. Blended Therapies

    Marguerite W. sent us this comment on her order:
    “After three fractures to my spine and after physio,heat pads and tablets I was still left in pain.Our surgery recommended Nurse Jackie’s “Ouch” cream but I did not hold out much hope but at the time would try anything.
    After two applications the pain was gone and I use it now about every three or four weeks and I have never had any return of the pains.
    I highly recommend this cream”

  18. Blended Therapies

    From Christine:
    Just wanted to let you know that your cream helped my friend a lot. It relieved the shingles pain. Thanks. :)

  19. Emily Fogg

    My eczema was so bad on my hands, it was embarrassing. My Mum recommended Ouch cream, every night I rubbed loads in & went to bed in cotton gloves… WOW in a very short time frame, my hands are 100% better & pain free.
    Thank you blended therapies.

  20. Julia

    Post surgical pain relief- I have used this cream daily since my stitches healed after having a breast cancer wide local incision (lumpectomy) in June and it has been a source of constant pain relief. I hope that by posting this review some other women will find this product and it will help them as much as it has helped me. Thank you for making it!

  21. Ann Levy (verified owner)

    I visited Sissinghurst last Saturday and met the lady that produces this wonderful product. I have been using it for some time. I am a waitress and ache at the end of the day. I apply OUCH to back, shoulders and knees, and the next day I wake up with no pain, ready for another shift. This is definitely one product I could not do without.

  22. Blended Therapies Admin

    Sandie P sent us this comment on her order:
    “Whilst on holiday in UK from NZ, I visited Sissinghurst Castle yesterday and in the NT shop, noticed your Ouch product. My dad has very bad arthritis and a product he uses in NZ is no longer available – your ingredients looked very similar so I bought some and last night tried it out on some of my own aches and pains-I couldn’t believe the instant relief – I haven’t been able to lift my left arm above shoulder height for 5 weeks and within minutes I was 70% pain free and this morning it is better still. So I’m going back to Sissinghurst today to buy 3 more pots! Thank you so much for a wonderful product.”

  23. Blended Therapies Admin

    An email send in by Michael:

    “You may like to know that we initially purchased a 60ml pot of OUCH! about this time last year on a very pleasant visit to Nymans. I have used it on what I presume to be an arthritic ankle which pains me periodically and it is definitely beneficial (though I know not why – perhaps it’s magic). My wife has a similar problem with one of her wrist joints – similar success. However, she recently fell downstairs at home and broke her wrist and this has been a Godsend for the after-pain and we’d just like to give you that feedback and thank you for the product. Anything that lessens the ibuprofen that we previously have taken has to go be good.

  24. Blended Therapies Admin

    Suzanne F commented on her order:
    “The ouch cream is the best thing I have found to cope with my arthritis so I’m thrilled it’s on it’s way.”

  25. Blended Therapies Admin

    Review sent in from Fred D, from Kapunda, South Australia.
    “Some weeks ago, whilst on holiday in Kent, we bought some ‘Ouch!’ at Sissinghurst. We have been singing its praises since our return and several friends have tried our jar and agree it is ‘magical’, to quote one satisfied aching lawn bowler!”
    (Fred has since ordered more cream, which is on its way ‘down under’!)

  26. Blended Therapies Admin

    A wonderful testimonial sent in by Jo:
    “I’m really pleased to have discovered the ouch cream which I recently brought for my mum whilst in a national trust shop. My mum has bone cancer so often experiences pain and conventional medication doesn’t always work. My mum said that the cream is a godsend and since I gave it to her she has been able to have a decent nights sleep, pain free for the first time in a long time…. So thank you!”

  27. Blended Therapies Admin

    Review by Jo P. on Streetlife.com:
    “Thanks so much for the great natural remedies. ‘Ouch’ is amazing too. My muscles ache from work (fitness / dance teacher:) and Ouch is invaluable. I never use a ‘drug’ like Ibuprofen gel now.
    And sneezy has saved me from literally hundreds of antihistamine pills!”

  28. Blended Therapies Admin

    Comment from Liz H.:
    “Anti-inflammatories did nothing for my Achilles Tendonitis – but after a few days of this the difference was amazing!”

  29. Blended Therapies Admin

    Feedback from Blended Therapies customer Beverley Harris…
    “I am a feltmaker and I bought some Soothing Hand and Body cream and some Aches and Pains cream. They have both helped tremendously with my dry hands from feltmaking and the repetitive aches and pains I get in my hands and arms.”

  30. Blended Therapies Admin

    From N. Dell:
    “I gave some ‘ouch’ cream to a friend who has rheumatism and she thinks it’s marvellous. However, we have made another discovery re the ‘ouch’ cream and I thought you’d be interested to hear about it. Basically, we’ve discovered it’s amazing for stings and itchy skin.
    This all started when one of my ladies got stung by a wasp and it totally took the swelling down, this led me to use it on a patch of incredibly itchy skin that I’ve had for about 3 months! After trying various HC cream, E45.. Ouch has stopped the itching (thank goodness!)
    I have since recommended it to my mum who had some nasty insect bites and she was amazed to find that they disappeared almost instantly.”

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