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Ahhh soothing hand & body cream from Blended Therapies

Ahhh! Soothing Hand & Body Cream

Our best seller! Soothing for both skin and mind. A must in every home and handbag.
Ouch! Aches and Pains Body Cream from Blended Therapies

OUCH! Aches and Pains Body Cream

Massage onto painful area and let the essential oils work their magic!

Ahhh! Soothing Hand and Body Cream

Ahhh! Soothing Hand and Body Cream


(13 customer reviews)

Our best seller! Soothing for both skin and mind.

Product description

Our best seller!

We love it when people try this cream because we know they will love it too, we get so much excellent feedback and most people reorder. The cream was developed for general skin conditions, the unique blend of oils make it a powerfully soothing and healing cream which can be used anywhere on the body and as often as needed. It is not only soothing for the skin but for the mind too and is highly recommended rubbed under the nose at times of stress. A must in every home and handbag.

Use after hand scrub to soothe and moisturise hard working hands.

How the oils work
The initial impact on the skin is that of Roman Chamomile with Lavender together, with Hyssop, Geranium and Juniper which work together to soothe and calm inflammation whilst cleansing followed by the deeper healing of Benzoin, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Patchouli. The effects are cumulative.

Julia Pearson from Berkshire tried the soothing hand ceam at Sissinghurst National Trust, didn’t buy it but loved the smell so much she made her husband drive 10 miles back to the Castle to buy some. She’s had to buy more for her colleagues because they love the smell so much. Lesson: Buy when you try to save a 10 mile trek backwards!

Ahh! Soothing Hand Cream available in 60ml and 250ml sizes.

Ingredients include: Aqua,sunflower oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, VitaminE, Lavender, Juniper, Chamomile, Geranium, Patchouli, Benzoin and Sandalwood

We suggest using the cream at least twice a day but as often as you need it. The key is to use it regularly.

Use after GARDEN Hand Scrub for smooth, pain free hands.

Our products are free from Lanolin and Parabens and are not tested on animals.

Recent Reviews

13 reviews for Ahhh! Soothing Hand and Body Cream

  1. Hazel

    Thank you Hazel for sending in your lovely review:
    I first discovered your “Ahh” handcream in the National Trust shop at Sissinghurst Castle a few years ago, and am so pleased I did! It is by far the best handcream I have ever come across, and the fragrance is divine! I love it!, and put it on my hands every single night without fail, including when I am on holiday!! A big thank you to you for the innovative blend you have put together….it is wonderful, and really works, not only on your hands, but inhaling the fragrance gives you a sense of peace of mind! Bliss!

  2. Ruthie

    A lovely comment sent in from Ruthie Georgia:
    I have used the Ahhh! body cream for some years & have settled very nicely with it. I used to travel greatly & used to pick up varied creams along the way, but found comparing to your cream; other creams didn’t match up. Body creams vary such a great deal out there. Some smell good, but sit on the skin, rather than soak in well. Other creams start off spreading out, and spreading and keep on spreading, then seem so greasy, that you can’t seem to get that grease off your body or your hands. But the ‘Ahhh!’ hand and body cream is amazing. As soon as you open the jar and smell the cream, you know it’s going to be a winner. It has that therapeutic rich treatment smell to it. As you apply the cream, the skin just absorbs it so easily. As we don’t generally pamper ourselves as much as we should, when we do, every part of that time needs to comfort us. I don’t desire to spend time having to work a cream into my body and feeling it’s hard work.
    So, yep, every single time I open the Ahhh! jar, I know I’m in for a treat.

  3. Blended Therapies admin

    A wonderful review from Sue at Sissinghurst Castle Garden’s gift shop:
    “Hi from Sissinghurst, before Xmas a man came in with bad excema on hands. We recommended your Ahh cream. He’s just been in to thank us for suggestion and has bought a large jar… Hands are much improved and he’s thrilled!!! Happy New year xxx”

  4. Blended Therapies Admin

    A review in from a very happy Blended Therapies Customer!

    “I cannot recommend this product enough! I’d been suffering all summer with dry, itchy, sore patches of skin which I’d assumed was eczema as I’d suffered this in the past. I purchased the typical creams (E45, sudocream, aqueous cream etc) to try and gave each one plenty of time to work but noting touched it. Luckily I found the Lavender hand and body cream in my drawer that I’d been given as a gift and it was amazing!!!! After 24 hours the patches were barely visible with them completely disappearing after 48! I wish I’d found this at the start of the problem as I became very down and self conscious about my skin. I’ll never stray from this range now – it’s fantastic and I’m still using the cream daily as it’s so good on my sensitive skin and smells amazing. I’ve found it’s even better to apply before bed as the lavender scent aids a good nights sleep! Highly recommend!”

  5. Blended Therapies

    Great comment from Janet, a regular Blended Therapies customer, on receiving our Autumn newsletter:
    “Just had to say I’m still using your Arrr cream and spreading the word to friends who are also finding the benefit. Thank you for the email I’ve also been to the lavender fields and look forward to hearing of new things to come.”

  6. Clare Millar (verified owner)

    After receiving an electric shock, my arm was very painful and itched like mad, due to nerve ending damage.
    I couldn’t sleep, it was driving me crazy… I had tried everything possible….
    My friend gave me her pot of ouch cream and for the first time in weeks, I could sleep!
    I have since bought large jars of ouch and ahh creams, both of which are a fantastic help. I would never be without them!
    Just put in another order for Christmas pressies for these amazing creams, a real miracle worker!
    Thank You !

  7. William Phillips (verified owner)

    I bought my first pot at a National Trust shop. I wanted to try it on my itchy elbows and knees, not having found anything which helped. The flaking skin disappeared almost immediately. Many months later I needed a new pot, so I ordered one online. The first one had been good, but the fresh one was amazing! My grandson now uses it on his eczema as well – and loves it! It is brilliant!

  8. Leanne

    Fantastic product, that really did make my children relax.
    The customer service was brilliant, such a helpful and friendly company.
    I highly recommend and will be shopping here again. Thank you!

  9. Emmeline Bird

    I think this cream must be part witchcraft! Have suffered from really bad eczema on my hands for months and nothing seemed to work, not even prescribed creams. Came across Ahhh in the National Trust shop at Hinton Ampner and though I’d give it a try. Four days later and my skin is better than it has been in ages: supple, comfortable and not at all itchy. The inflammation has reduced considerably and, as a bonus, the cream smells gorgeous! So impressed! Thank you for an amazing product. I will definitely be getting some more!

  10. Blended Therapies

    Review sent in from Gwen in Sutton Valence, Kent:

    “Ahhh! Cream has really helped me through my chemo treatment I developed a horrible rash and used Ahhh!it was brilliant I had to stop the chemo because the side effects were so awful but the cream made such a difference.I am sure it kept me calm and not so anxious… A real life saver
    I now have bought a pot for all of my friends.”

  11. Nick

    I have bought many creams to try and deal with my dry and cracked hands and have never seen a cream work so quickly.
    The cream started to work after a couple of days and within 2 weeks my hands were almost back to normal.
    I cant recommend this cream highly enough.

    Nick (a very happy customer!)

  12. Ann Levy

    I started using Ahhh a little while back and I have seen a significant improvement in my dry skin. Having tried many other products over the years, Ahhh has now become my goto-cream as it really makes such a difference.

  13. Lorraine

    I bought this to put on my feet to try and heal my cracked skin. Even with one application a day after showering, I can see the improvement. My husband uses it for his dry hands, and my daughter has just started using it on eczema – so many uses!

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